What is the Barnabas Center?

  • What we do – Christ-centered counseling, teaching and training ministry – half counseling (reactive) and half teaching and training (proactive)
  • 501-C-3 Not-for-profit ministry launched and headquartered in Charlotte NC.  Richmond is a self-sustaining branch office of the Charlotte based Barnabas Center.

How is The Barnabas Center different than other counseling centers?

  • Similar – hour appointments, trained and licensed counselors, go there because there are struggles that you need to work through with someone trained
  • Different – Christian, but more than that - “When you look for a counselor, don’t look for a counselor who will use God to help you solve your problems; instead, look for a counselor who will use your problems to help you find God!”
  • Different – Barnabas offers a sliding scale in counseling and are committed to work with the church to build communities of people that are more able to handle life’s struggles in redemptive ways, they want to meet folks before they reach the point where counseling is necessary

What does Barnabas offer besides counseling?

  • Seminars – Hope in the Darkness (depression) , Destination Rest (anxiety), Heart to Heart marriage enrichment,  Love Your Kids, Courageous Conversations
  • Groups –  Healing Hearts for women addressing how childhood harm impacts life today
  • Training – Barnabas Training for lay folks who want to be better equipped to care for their struggling friends

 Why does The Barnabas Center raise donations? Offer a sliding scale?

Donations accomplish three things:

  • Sliding scale – clients pay according to their means (based on gross income); money isn’t the deterrent for getting help, 70% of clients receive scholarship funds.
  • Seminars at a reasonable price –Offer scholarships
  • Counselors with less fatigue - don’t have to see as many clients per week – this means better, more personal, less hurried care